I don’t see you as gay, bisexual or straight. I see you as you.

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I really like this

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This is bullshit, i am gay, dont erase my sexuality just to ~see me as me~ i can be gay and a person jfc

This passive homophobic bullshit pisses me off

"Not seeing the gay" "dont see you as black" "your basically a guy" this bullshit needs to stop, seriously

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Hey, I still go on dates

I went out a great girl last Sunday and I’ve just been too busy to blog about it! Because she is super into her badminton, I’m calling her racquet. (if only I was gay and dating a dude into badminton. Shuttlecock would have been the PERFECT nickname).

We went for a few beers Sunday and had a very enjoyable afternoon together. It was actually the easiest time I’ve had on OKCupid asking a woman out. We exchanged a few messages last month, but nothing after that. Then I saw her online and I IM’d her. Were having a great chat about New York and Stoneybatter (like how the phrase “on the batter” originated from Stoneybatter), then this happened

Racquet: You had a look at my profile…any questions? ;)

Me: I’m wondering is it to soon to ask if you’d like to go for a pint when you get back*

Racquet: No definitely not too soon… I’m not a fan of this penpal stuff that goes on here half the time! The pints will need to be in Stoneybatter after all this chat..

Me: totally and agreed.

*I mean, fuck it, Go big or Go home, right?

We are have incredible chemistry over text and I’m really looking forward to seeing her on Tuesday.